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Title : Diesel excise tax reduction extended

Diesel excise tax reduction extended

            The cabinet has agreed to extend the term of the diesel excise tax reduction to 0.005 baht per litre for another month, until Feb 29, deputy government spokesman Anusorn Eiamsa-ard said on Tuesday.

The current diesel excise tax reduction expires on Jan 31.

Mr Anusorn said the Finance Ministry proposed the extension with the aim of minimising the burden of an additional cost burden on the people, particularly after they were severely affected by the great flood last year.

It is estimated that the government will lose about nine billion baht in revenue from the excise tax on diesel due to the extension, he added.

The government’s policy to cut excise tax on diesel began in April 2011, during the Abhisit government.  The government’s revenue loss is estimated at about 132 billion baht over the past 10 months and in February, an average of 12 billion baht a month, said Mr Anusorn.

Post date : 01/02/2012  Post by : Administrator
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